Social Media Interview questions answers

Best Social Media Optimization (SMO) Interview Questions and Answers

SMO Interview Questions and Answers

Are you in search of Social Media Optimization (SMO) jobs? so you are at the right place to know more about your Social media optimization (SMO) interview questions answers details, you may also know about what type of interview question and answers you are going to face in the interview, So here is the best Social Media Optimization (SMO) interview questions answers for you.

Question 1. What Is Smo?

Answer: SMO stands for Social Media optimization and also the processes of accelerating brands, product, services or events awareness exploitation totally different social media networks, platforms like Facebook, Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

Question 2. How Social Media Affects Seo?

Answer: Social media has become the second most significant factors to boost the website’s ranking, traffic, and its visibility. In SEO, social media use to think about as referral supply of traffics that increase social engagement among target users or audiences for specific brands or its product or services. Social media sites are useful in building trust with nice ORM (Online Reputation  Management) that pulls the search engine.

Question 3. Outline Lead Generation & Engagement Via Social Media?

Answer: To get client interest, sales leads or inquiry towards product or services for specific company on-line exploitation social media networks referred to as lead generation whereas engagement suggests that to induce users activities in response to post or updates on social media sites. User activities such as comments click on photos, videos or links, sharing etc.

Question 4. What Social Media Tools Does One Use?

Answer: Except for all major social media channels that have its own tools, I exploit Google Analytics, Hoot suite, Only wire etc.

Question 5. What’s Facebook Edge rank, And Why Is It Therefore Important?

Answer: Facebook Edge Rank is associate formula developed by Facebook. It determines what to show ahead of you and your followers’ news feed. within the different manner, Facebook Edge Rank formula is that the total of edges (Ue+We+De)


Edges: An associate action that happens inside Facebook referred to as Edge.

Ue : Affinity score between a user and edge creator (Commenting, Liking, Sharing, Clicking & Messaging)

We: we tend toight of this edge sort (Comments, Shares, Likes, Photos, Videos etc)

De: Time decay issue supported however in the past the edge was created.

Edge Rank is vital as a result of it determines that post of your Facebook page or profile ought to get seem ahead of you and your fans eyes. It may become through via generating nice engagement towards brands among your users with original and informative content.

Question 6. What Are The Advantages To Use Linkedin Teams And Linkedin Pages?

Answer: There’re numerous thanks to taking edges from LinkedIn teams and Pages. therefore currently let’s point out it.

LinkedIn teams permit you to:

Expand your reach.
Parse data.
Expand your connections.
Builds leadership.
Send direct messages among cluster members.

LinkedIn Pages:

  • Provides a professional bit for your whole on its own major platform.
  • Is LinkedIn’s great spot to highlights product or services ahead of millions of registered peoples that are relevant to your target peoples.
  • Allows you to share post, updates, announcement etc as well as made media (photos or videos) to your target market.
  • Let you act relevant LinkedIn users interest towards your company product or services while not personal contact.
  • Can increase engagement among your target users or audiences via regular standing updates, posts, sharing, discussion, special announcement etc.

Question 7. Why Use # Tag?

Answer: # tag is used to make any word or text as a keyword. It is used on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Question 8. List Of Social Media?

Answer: Top social media are; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc.

Question 9. Give List Of Only Photo Sharing Social Media?

Answer: Top social media are; Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc.

Question 10. Which Social Media Support # Tag?

Answer: # tag supported by many social media like; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc.


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