how to Change Email on Facebook and Delete Old One

How to Change Email on Facebook and Delete Old One

Here Techyamaa guide you how to Change Email on Facebook and Delete Old One- how to change Facebook email id or phone number

You can only change email address on Facebook if you can login on Facebook. Sign in as usual and locate the Account link at the top right corner of the screen.

When you create a Facebook account, you can enter a contact email address to receive notifications. If you no longer use the email address that you entered when you created your account, you can swap it for another one at any time.

Changing your Facebook email is simple, and you can do it from your computer or your mobile device.

How To Change Email Connected to Facebook

Sign in to Facebook, click the triangle at the top right, and select Settings. Under General Account Settings, click Contact > Add another email address or mobile number

Enter new email address in the Email field, and click Add:

Select it as a your main email address, and click Save Changes.

You can seen the post Add your phone number in Facebook account, Select it if you want to change phone number in Facebook. account

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