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How to create Facebook username for your Page?

Complete guide about How to create new Facebook Page and How To create Facebook username for your Page?

How to create Facebook Business Page Simply Follow Steps

1. Once logged onto your Facebook Profile enter the URL of:


This will bring you to a screen similar to the one below:

Notice this screen is to set up a username for your individual profile, this is NOT for your business page!

2. Click on the link Set a Username for your Pages.

This will bring you to the screen seen below:

3. Select which page want from the drop down menu next to Page Name.

4. Enter the username you wish to appear on your URL and click Check Convenience.

Example: http://www.facebook.com/techyamaa

Note: If you are creating a username for your company page be sure to use your company name. If it is not available or you do not wish to use your company name, you may want to do some research in order to find what is frequently searched surrounding your industry. The keywords (or your business name) set as your username can make you more searchable.

5.  Confirm your username!

Now you have successfully created a username for your Facebook Business Page. If you are looking to further customize your page


How To create Facebook username for your Page?


You will need to be an admin to create a username for your Page. Your Page’s username will look below your Page’s name and in your Page’s URL to help people find and reminisce your Page. example of a username could be @techyamaa if the Page name is Techyamaa. If you are eligible to claim a Facebook username, simply follow the steps below.

How To create Facebook username for your Page:

  1. Click Create Page @Username on the left side of your Page
  2. Enter a username
  3. If the username is available, click Create Username

There is some criteria (rules) for create a Facebook username on Facebook

Complete guide about How To create Facebook username for your Page?

create Facebook username

If this is Brand new Page? Page must a least more than 25 Likes to be eligible for create a username , Everybody can’t create username on Facebook Page

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