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Sports bra fitness tracker

Introducing the Smart Sports Bra That Makes Workouts Way More Effective

Smart clothing is likely to make a splash in  Sep 2016, and one of the leaders could be OMsignal. The company already offers a line of men’s OM Smart Shirts, and it just upped its own game with an early announcement at CES 2016.

The Om-bra is the sports bra you have been dreaming of. Just like OM Smart Shirts, the Om-bra can track a plethora of bio-metric fitness data, but it’s also very comfortable.

Body Fitness Tracker Bra

High quality sports bra with support

Sports bra that’s smart might be a plus, but it has to be comfortable. That’s why Om-signal tested and developed 1,633 prototypes to finalize the perfect fit. The company found that over 70 percent of women don’t pick the right bra size and that the straps are the most common complaint. It was also revealed that woman tend to run differently based on how much support their bra has. The Om-bra solves all of these problems with four well thought out components.

Fitness Tracker Sports Bra


Availability and pricing

 You can signup here to get early access.

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