Top PPC Pay Per Click Interview Questions Answers

Top PPC Pay Per Click Interview Questions Answers 2018

Here are Top AdWords PPC Pay Per Click Interview Questions Answers

Q 1: what is Google  Adwords?
Answer: Google Adwords is the system that Google to assist in marketing product or services in SEM Serch engine marketing and its affiliated sites. It will place a text ad that appears when people search for phrases associated to your offering.

Q2: What is PPC marketing?
Answer: PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an advertising Platforms used to direct traffic to websites. It is also known as Cost Per Click. In this Platforms, advertisers pay to the website owner when the ad is clicked. In other words, it is the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.

Q3: what is Ad rank?
Answer: Ad rank is your ad position on Google page.

Ad Rank = Your CPC bid * (Quality Score[85% weight] + Ad Extensions[25% weight])

Q4: what is an ad group in Google Adwords?
Answer: Ad group is a container of your keywords, advertisements, and landing pages.

Q5: How do I increase my Quality Score?
Answer: Google wants you to have strong quality scores, particularly ad relevance, landing page, and ad engagement. Increase your CTR by writing better ads, keep only the most similar keywords in an ad group as mentioned earlier in this post, ensure that the ad has the keywords you are bidding on in it, and be sure you’re sending users to a page with highly relevant keyword or products.

Quality Score = Keyword’s CTR + Ad Text Relevance + Keyword Relevance + Landing Page Relevance 

Q6.What are Google Ad Extensions?
Answer: There are different types of ad extensions in Google Adwords.
1. Sitelinks extensions
2. Callout extensions
3. Structured snippet extensions
4. Call extensions
5. Message extensions
6. Location extensions
7. Affiliate location extensions
8. Price extensions
9. App extensions
10. Review extensions
11. Automated extensions report

Q7.What is CTR?
Answer: CTR means Click Through Rate. It is the number of clicks on behalf of the number of impressions.

CTR =  No.of Clicks / No.of Impressions.

Q8: What is meant by Converted Clicks?
Answer: Converted clicks is a metric which tracks the total no of clicks which resulted in conversions and you can call leads.

Q9.What are the character limitations for Adwords Ad?

Headline 1: 30 Characters
Headline 2: 30 Characters
Path 1: 15 Characters
Path 2: 15 Characters
Description: 80 Characters
Final URL: 1024 Characters
Q10.What is Keyword density?
Answer: It’s percentage of times your word or phrase present on a web page.

Q11.How many types of keyword matching are there in Google AdWords?
Answer: There are 6 type of Keywords matching in Adwords which are
• Broad match
• Broad match modifier
• Phrase match
• Exact match
• Negative match

Q12. How many campaign types are there in Google AdWords PPC?
Answer: There are six types of campaigns in AdWords.

1. Search Network with Display Select
2. Search Network only
3. Display Network only
4. Shopping
5. Video
6. Universal app campaign.

Q13. What is Remarketing in Google Adwords PPC?
Answer: Remarketing campaigns are using to show ads to people who have visited your website. The ads are managed in Google AdWords and are shown on web pages visited by your target audience and Remarketing only applicable for Google Display Network only.

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